Monday, October 19, 2015

Cincigal Grocery Store Clerk - WESTERN HILLS FAMILY REUNION

When we said, Goodbye and they locked the doors to our store, this blog published it's final post.  It was time.  The emotions of the day, the pictures, farewells and just the fact that the doors were closed forever was enough to bring this to an end.  But as in movies, there are sequels - so with this blog comes another edition.

You see before the doors were locked, three ladies decided to plan a Reunion.  They made the arrangements, went about  planning and investing the time it took to bring it all together.  This would be a time where the past and present would, maybe for the final time, get a chance to come together.

And so today was the day that we came, ate, reviewed old pictures and  tried to recall the names of these faces from twenty years ago.  There was plenty of memorabilia; shirts, aprons, and a questionnaire as to facts of when the store first opened, stories from the past as well as a photo album to show us the moments that were never forgotten.   It was all there.

But along with a traditional reunion was the surprise of a retirement party for me.  Complete with cake, a bouquet of balloons, a flashy pin - all spelling out, Happy Retirement.  And one of my favorites were the little crafty, paper flower pots that read; Biggs Best Ever Flower Girl - they now sit on my desk.  And if that were not enough, I was given a gift that will remind me every day of where I have spent the last thirteen years - a collage of us.  Hanging on the wall of my Study is a large collage that Sandy had put together to remind us all of where we had come from - Biggs Western Hills - and hung it in the Break Room for all to see.  All the smiling faces, through the years, brought together in this large, well placed collage.  This undoubtedly is one of my treasured  keepsakes.

Amidst all the laughing, talking, eating and reminiscing this group had already started talking about when we would get together again.

This reunion was special and my retirement party was more than I could have ever imagined - how lucky was I.  And to spend these events, with these people, was the best part.

We have been together so long and along the way our lives have intertwined.  And although one might consider this just simply as human emotions, it is, however, one of life's highlights. For when you are lucky to have people stay close to you, go out of their way for you and call you friend well, that's a gift.

As everyone started to say goodbye and began to pack up and head for home, the Reunion had come to an end.

But, of course, it is not over, although this blog is, for in a few months we will meet again.  We will laugh, eat and possibly reminisce but more importantly we will be moving on, together.

We may have closed down a store, but it was just a building.  What's important is that we have remained together and will celebrate that throughout the years to come. 

I guess they are right when they say, 'We are family.'

                                             BIGGS WESTERN HILLS
See ya! 

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