Saturday, August 20, 2011

Grocery Store Clerk - SEEING IS BELIEVING

The one thing about working in a grocery store, is all the people you meet.  A lot of our regular customers know us and we have come to know them.  The loyal shoppers come to not only shop but to visit.  They will wave, call you by name and a short conversation will pursue along with a laugh or two.  These moments kind of make all of the frustrating moments of the day disappear.  And for that, I thank them. 

This year two of our employees went on maternity leave and from the time they left, until the time they returned, the customers would continously ask how our ladies were doing.  And we were happy to keep them up to date. 

I have always thought it was neat how some of the customers reacted to my co-workers and today was no exception. 

Apparently one of our employees had become sick while working on the floor and another employee had come to their aid.  A customer, having witnessed this, was concerned about how the employee was doing to which I was happy to report that they were much better. But then the customer made a comment on just how good a job this other employee had done when helping their co-worker.  The customer was so impressed that they repeated it a couple of times. 

To some people this may not mean anything, but I think that it is awesome that a customer cared enough to not only ask but to have taken note on how an employee reacted in a rather stressful moment. What is ironic is that it has always been like that at this store.

Talk at ya later!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Grocery Store Clerk - TELLING IT LIKE IT IS

As one can tell, by the title, I work in a grocery store.  In my line of work I create sales, stock and checkout customers.  Each day allows for a new experience and, with some customers, it can give way to new challenges.  But all in all, it's not a bad gig.  Most of the customers are great and going to work is kind of like hanging out with  your friends.  Naturally there are draw backs, disillusionment  and plenty of frustrations which seem to mount on a daily basis.  But when there is no where else to go, you have no choice but to look on the bright side if you want to make it through from day to day.  And that bright side, is my fellow co-workers.

These are the people that make the job just a little more pleasant and a lot easier to tolerate.  They walk the line between corporate and customers.  Continuously trying to please customers, while maintaining corporate policies is a tall order to fill and yet, they seem to manage this feat. 

But I'm not here to talk about corporate, or about customers, instead I want to talk about these people that I work with every day.

Not too long ago, a 'Mystery Shopper' came to our store and apparently gave a bad review.  And right before that, some corporate people were in and were apparently upset due to a product not being totally stocked.  With this in mind, I decided that it was time to put down in words all of the great things that I see my co-workers do every day. 

Employees today work for less and  take on more.  The stability of their employment is undermined by the economy and they never really know how many hours they will work which  leaves their personal, financial status kind of up in the air. But, be that as it may, these people keep maintaining great Customer Service. 

So, be it the cashier who helps a customer to the car with their groceries or the clerk who assists the handicap shopper with their shopping - they each provide great Customer Service every day.  And since I seem to be the only person who witnesses these acts, I have decided that I will write about them.

I will write about the good Customer Service that I see my co-workers perform  What is really unique, about these people, is that they do these things without being asked and none of it is store policy.  You see, after almost nine years I have learned one thing about Customer Service;  good Customer Service is not a learned behavior, it comes from within.

Talk at ya later!