Saturday, October 10, 2015

Cincigal Grocery Store Clerk - GOODBYE!

As the doors of Western Hills close, for the final time, this blog comes to an end. 

When I started this blog it was done with the intention of writing about this grocery store.  A store that was like no other.  It was the people that made the difference.  They gave it a personality all it's own. They were a family.

We have spent the last week bracing ourselves for this, the final day.  The tears have been shed, the hugs have been endless and the phrase, 'I'm going to miss you guys,' has been repeated countless times.  And yet, we still were not prepared.

There will be many pictures posted on FB to show what it was like and how we partied at the end.  And though these pictures will not show the feelings that we have at this moment the pictures will, however, portray the genuine personality of this group.

Over the last four years, this blog has said everything there is to say and I sit here and can find nothing else to add.  Well, maybe there is one more thing;

To all you Western Hills employees, past and present

                                      GREAT JOB EVERYBODY!

And a special note to all the Biggs Western Hills employees - you are legend


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